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Part of masturbati's lure is the safe secrecy lure; e does not have to risk rejecti embarrassment or failure; it gives the illusi of beg open and perfect stead of engagg mature relatiships the dividual can create a world of make-believe people where anythg is possible and there are no limits A subtle attracti of masturbati is that the itial choice often emerges from n-genital experiences: boredom anxiety and especially leless may pressure us to masturbate Masturbati can numb the discomfort of emptess and completeness and promise some semblance of beg e with self and other But these rewards are short-lived The frustratg iry is that the escape from leless actually impedes the attament of the true goal: timacy." (pp 102-104) The true church is spoken of the New Testament as the Bride of Christ She is made up of millis of men women boys and girls This virgized (and revirgized) group of people from every nati and people waits eagerly for the event called the "The Supper of the Lamb" (the Lamb is Jesus) God ale makes broken people whole! Men and women boys and girls without excepti "There is ne righteous no not e." "All have sned and fall short of the glory of God." But the love Jesus has for all of us is more than enough to make any sner whole "If anye is Christ he (or she) is a new creati Old thgs have passed away behold all thgs are made new.". Birth Ctrol Pill: Abortifacient (A substance or device used to duce aborti) and Ctraceptive by William F Collit Jr M.D FACOG.  The author is Clical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washgt University Medical Center For several years I was cvced that labelg birth ctrol pills as "abortifacient" was the work of an extremist right wg medical cspiracy ly enterg to a serious of the matter did I become cvced of the error of. To form an equitable judgment about the subjects' moral respsibility and to guide pastoral acti e must take to account the affective immaturity force of acquired habit cditis of anxiety or other psychological or social factors that lessen or even extenuate moral culpability (1992 Catechism) 10 Outstandg Recent Book: The War With: Gag Victory the Battle for Sexual Purity by Robert Daniels Crossway Books Wheat Illois 1997 Practical transparent realistic and relevant Highly recommended 11 The importance of dealg with the ner idolatrous roots of our sexuality is the subject of Leanne Payne's book The Healg Presence: Curg the Soul Through Uni with Christ Baker Books Grand Rapids 1995 I know of no book with deeper sights. To the Christian parent sex educati means guidg the sexual cscience of his or her children to sense their own dignity and the dignity of others It means helpg them to understand that selfish pleasure whether it "hurts" anybody else or not is ctrary to love (Gal 5:13) It means teachg them that separated from God sexual tercourse or any other sexual activity burdens the cscience and undermes hest relatiships It means openg their eyes to see the deep emptess that leads people - and could lead them too - to sexual s. Psychology: The Trojan Horse Gil Rugh addresses the followg issues: Because the says nothg specific the subject Christian counselg books vary their approach dealg with masturbati Few Christian youth pastors or psychologists are willg to endorse masturbati as normal and natural however a mority are willg to suggest that self stimulati can provide a release from excessive tensi when e is sgle "Better masturbati than excessive obsessi with sex," they say "and better masturbatg than riskg a fall to more serious sexual immorality volvg another pers." The does not suggest such a ratializati however-- 1 Corthians 7:9 the Apostle Paul cites as God's alternative to "burng with passi." Acceptg the as the authority and not church traditi Pastor Gil Rugh Baptism: Truth or Traditi systematically shows what the Word of God has to say about baptism—what it is and what its purpose is Pastor Rugh shows that the is clear the issue of baptism and that cfusi this topic has come primarily when men’s ideas have been added to the Word. Counselors who work with adolescents also sympathetically recognize that masturbati can be a tenacious habit not easily overcome---a habit ly made worse by prohibitis stern warngs or a critical judgmental attitude Vows to quit masturbatg seem always to fail and cold-showers are sometimes to no avail Masturbati can become obsessive to some producg endless guilt and self- csciousness young sufferers who fd they can not overcome the habit by their own self-effort Some young people may even feel they are committg the unpardable s Masturbati often goes unresolved for many years perhaps as a "secret s," until the desperate sufferer gets up the courage to share with a fellow-Christian or a pastor Many married men admit to masturbatg surprisgly often even when they also claim to be enjoyg a happy and normal sex life with their partners. Most Christian writers Biblical mores and ethics pot to the words of Jesus the Serm the Mount (Matt 5:27-20) where the Lord teaches that it is possible for a pers to commit sexually immoral acts e's fantasy life The thoughts and tentis of the heart can be very important and as implicatg as outward acts Although deliberately feedg lustful thoughts and actg them out e's md is "already adultery" the heart accordg to Jesus temptati which is not acted up does not cstitute s As an old Proverb says "e can not prevent the birds from flyg over e's head but e can keep them from buildg a nest e's hair." When the factor of fantasies is added to the equati of masturbati there is no doubt we are now referrg to fornicati and sexual uncleanness e can no lger claim that masturbati is a "gray area." " Eros Defiled I wrote about masturbati with compassi I still have compassi for the victims of masturbati but the time has now come for me to challenge the views that prevail and to call Christians to face reality Masturbati is s It is not grave s not nearly as serious as pride or cruelty or even unkdness But still it is s Let me state my reass for callg it s at all It is s because sexuality was not given us for that purpose masturbatg we use our bodily parts for a purpose God never tended for them To say that the release of sexual tensi justifies it is what my grandmother would have called "all my eye and Peggy Mart"---or what logicians might call specious reasg. Admittedly sexual desires are most tense biologically speakg when we are young and not yet able to marry The spiritual victory to be gaed (with the help of the Lord Jesus) is e of self-ctrol (1 Thess 4:1-8) and an ner purity that cstantly vitalizes e's timate persal relatiship with Jesus the Bridegroom of the church The Sg of Solom gives us a good picture not ly of but also of our dividual relatiship with Jesus Christ seen as a discipleship of love (Ref 2) God is workg us to produce wholeness and well-roundedness a self-givg life style not a self-centered e Previous generatis of Christian leaders taught that stctual energies could be sublimated and rechanneled to productive and creative actis the world This ccept has largely disappeared our time when the focus is self self-realizati and self-fulfillment. "and if a man has an emissi of semen he shall bathe his whole body water and be unclean until the eveng And every garment and every sk which the semen comes shall be washed with water and be unclean until the eveng If a man lies with a woman and has an emissi of semen both of them shall bathe themselves water and be unclean until the eveng." Ray C Stedman comments this passage as follows: "It would be a great mistake to judge from this passage that the suggests any way that sex is immoral or wrg This is simply God's remder of the polluti of nature of the fact that the nature of humanity is fallen and that man cannot solve his problems himself He desperately needs a Savior And he passes to his children the same fallen twisted nature and propensities which he himself is. Between 1856 and 1919 the U.S Patent Office granted patents for forty-ne antimasturbati devices Thirty-five were for horses and fourteen for humans The human devices made for boys csisted of either sharp pots turned ward to jab the penis should he get an erecti durg the night or an electrical system to deliver shocks How many of these devices were actually used or what effect they had the children no e knows Masturbati by girls was even more shockg shameful and unmentiable! The pendulum of sexual mores has now most certaly swung to the opposite extreme the last half-century

The has much to say about mey and givg Yet many Christians today are cfused when it comes to these issues They often wder: Why do we give? How much should we give? Are there guideles for givg? What are the results of biblical givg?  Givg: A Result of Grace Pastor Gil Rugh exames what the has to say about these issues and how we can glorify Him with the resources He has given us.  "This file will put to rest the 'unbiblical' ccept of a New Testament TITHE--"Ty Capoccia How and when a general neglect of family-religi first began to spread over the Christian world is difficult to determe As for the early Christians I am positive it was not so with them: No they did not falsely believe that religi was to be cfed solely to their public worship at church; but the ctrary behaved with such godless and exemplary holess their private families that the Apostle Paul often refers to their house as a church sayg “Give my greetgs to Nympha and the church her house.” And I believe we must forever despair of seeg this spirit of holess revived the world until we see a revival of genue family religi; and perss unanimously resolvg with Joshua the words of the text “As for me and my household we will serve. Is masturbati as discussed below the list? Yes certaly This very comm practice is selfish (self-centered) augmented by fantasies and usually followed by guilt real or imaged Masturbati is often downright idolatrous The norm for followers of Jesus Christ is agape (self-givg love) Younger people do start out relatively nocent Adolescents can not be expected to manage their horme rockets turng at puberty let ale the deluge of "the flesh the world and the devil" as well without God's help especially our pagan world There is really no hope for purity or wholeness without the help of the dwellg life of Jesus Christ Sadly few s these days portray what "Holy Matrimy" was designed to be The resouces Jesus offers are more than adequate to heal and make whole our brokeness any area.

Any misuse of sex cuts us off from our true selves and from each other Young people underestimate the power of the demic forces they allow to their lives when they give to impurity Take masturbati for example As children grow to young men and women their sexual desire creases and often their most immediate urge is to seek sexual gratificati through masturbati creasgly parents educators and misters of our day claim that masturbati is healthy and natural; many see it as just another form of stress release And the sexual activity it often leads to even amg children who have barely reached puberty is csidered by some to be normal. 5 Watchman Nee Sg of Sgs Christian Literature Crusade 1965. Medical textbooks prior to the 18th Century seldom mentied masturbati at all 1758 a Swiss physician named Tissot published a treatise claimg that masturbati* was the prcipal cause of mental illness--a terrible s to be avoided like the plague spite of many rebuttals and critiques by ctemporaries Tissot's views became a standard reference found most all medical textbooks published until the early part of our century. Abstence from sexual activity is not harmful to the body the male semen may be occasially released sptaneously nocturnal emissis (wet dreams) or will be slowly absorbed to the blood stream e can not survive without food and water but many men and women live healthy fulfilled sgle lives Christ without expressg themselves sexually Takg all these thgs together it is difficult to build a case for masturbati as somethg which is nocuous though it may be less serious a struggle for some as compared to others Christian life is neither easy nor free from temptati and even stumblg fallg failg and startg over The aim of our lives should be to please God and to do that we must deny the flesh put to death our selfish desires starve the appetites of our ner sensualities and lusts and feed up the Word of God We need to develop close friends we can share secrets with and who will keep us accountable our spiritual walk. The "new ways" are expressi and guiltlessness Many health specialists csider masturbati a sensible source of pleasure a cvenient tensi reducer a productive way to realize body awareness and potential- general a healthy practice Satisfyg "my own" needs sistg that "my body is me," and havg "good" feelgs are cvential justificatis Sce discomfort is assumed to dicate somethg wrg the practices of suppressi mortificati and sublimati are judged masochistic old-fashied or simply naive. What is the Desty of Babies Who Die?  -  The teaches that all men are sners deservg of the wrath of God It also clearly teaches that salvati comes through faith Jesus Christ When discussg these truths however e questi often comes up: “What is the eternal desty of babies who die or the mentally retarded who are not able to comprehend the Gospel?” Do they go to heaven or hell? Is there any way we can know? this file we will exame what the says about the eternal desty of babies and others who fit to this category of people who never reach a stage mentally where they can accept or reject the Gospel Offenses agast chastity: 2352 By _masturbati_ is to be understood the deliberate stimulati of the genital organs order to derive sexual pleasure "Both the Magesterium of the Church the course of a cstant traditi and the moral sense of the faithful have been no doubt and have firmly mataed that masturbati is an trsically and gravely disordered acti." "The deliberate use of the sexual faculty for whatever reas outside of is essentially ctrary to its purpose." For here sexual pleasure is sought outside of "the sexual relatiship which is demanded by the moral order and which the total meang of mutual self-givg and human procreati the ctext of true love is achieved." "there is a coarseness a callousness a cynicism a banality and a vulgarity to our time There are too many signs of a civilizati ge rotten And the worst of it has to do with our children: we live a culture that at times seems almost dedicated to the corrupti of the young to ensurg the loss of their nocence before their time." Sex educati is little more than "safe" sex trag itially it was stituted as an attempt to bank the fires of teenage sexuality; stead it has ly fanned the flames Most people seem to take it for granted that teenagers will and should express themselves sexually Our era is e of millis of abortis of countless unwed mothers public support and of epidemic sexually transmitted diseases Clearly the idea that accurate knowledge fosters respsible behavior is nothg less than a. Frequently enslavement to masturbati is cnected to another form of bdage: pornography Very few people will admit an addicti to pornography but the fact that it is a steadily growg billi-dollar dustry shows how widespread it is also amg "Christians." Secular medical authorities nowadays universally proclaim that masturbati is physiologically harmless and that it may even be a normal natural form of release Physiologically there seems to be no harm masturbatg though most psychology text book writers admit that associated guilt and shame afflict millis especially durg adolescence This guilt is usually blamed strict and legalistic religious upbrgg and Victorian prudishness about sex Textbooks human sexuality seem to all go to great length to expla away the guilt that results from illicit sex and thus many of these secular writers end of writg polemics agast the and openly endorsg hedistic livg that is reality pagan. Christianity Astray: Is "New Evangelicalism" Really Pseudo-Evangelicalism? Sexual selfishness is more difficult to cure than a tendency to eat too much apple pie or roast beef and potatoes Even if e were to decide that masturbati is not a specific s named the that does not mean it is a neutral issue real life not all choices are between right and wrg but often between degrees of good and better We can surely say that overcomg masturbati is the better course to seek after Unfortunately ce sexual desires are aroused it become difficult to reverse course and return to a celibate virg status Regag purity is however a requirement for Christian growth the Sg of Solom the Shulamite maiden encourages the Daughters of Jerusalem to "stir not nor awaken love until it please," (i.e until the proper time. How can we rediscover the real meang of love? So many thgs the world today take away our belief lastg and uncditial love So much of what has to do with "love" these days really has to do with the excitement and passi of lust We live a sex-obsessed sex-crazed society and everythg reeks of it - advertisg literature fashi and entertament has been the first casualty: its significance has become so distorted that its true meang has. 1834 Dr Sylvester Graham wrote that the loss of semen durg sex was jurious to health (a popular idea at the time); men Graham believed should not have tercourse more than twelve times a year Masturbati was especially pernicious he said To reduce sexual cravgs Graham advised mild foods to decrease sexual appetites The graham cracker was the result! 1884 this curious cnecti between food and sex appeared another guise Dr John Harvey Kellogg created cornflakes to curtail children's clatis toward masturbati Kellogg who was quite a health eccentric wrote: "The use of the reproductive functi is perhaps the highest physical act of which man is capable; its abuse is certaly e of the most grievous outrages agast nature which it is possible for him to perpetrate." Because of the negative assessment of sexuality the approach to sexual feelgs was to ignore or repress them As we have seen however denial creases tensi rather than purges it resultg frustrati anxiety and guilt dividuals actg scerely tried to silence the potentially redemptive message of their uncomfortable feelgs Csequently they escaped self-cfrtati by overdulgence (eatg drkg workg) irritable behavior (toward authorities peers or subjects) or actg out (with others and/or self fantasy and/or reality) When masturbati (actg out) was the copg mechanism for repressed or n-tegrated sexuality a circular and frustratg pattern would emerge: masturbati to relieve tensi followed by guilt followed by tensi which led aga to masturbati and. This excerpt from the serm "The Foolishness of the Gospel" addresses the ctroversy between the mistry of Dr John MacArthur and that of Dr James Dobs (Focus the Family) the issue of preachg the gospel to change the wickedness of man versus usg political legislati to accomplish that end.  Phil Johns is an elder at Grace community Church and the Executive Director of Grace. As a tool of the sexual revoluti modern sex educati more than anythg else is respsible for all this Sex educati was supposed to brg us freedom enlightened attitudes respsibility and safety Isn't it obvious by now that it has been a failure? Haven't we seen by now that knowledge is no safeguard and that sex educati as taught most schools has ly creased sexual activity? To turn from s and to realize that we are created for God is always a revelati and a joy If we faithfully face God our lifetime here earth we will recognize the magnitude of our wderful task the task of receivg his love and sharg it with others There is no callg more wderful --Johann Christoph Arnold A Plea for Purity: Sex and God The Plough Publishg Company Farmgt. Go back to Bullet Board's home page If you can't fd what you were lookg for?  Then try a search of Amaz's entire database:    Why are we parents and educators so afraid to speak the truth - to warn our children not ly of the dangers of promiscuity but also of masturbati? (Proverbs 5:1ff) Aren't both illnesses of the soul? D't both desecrate and betray the image of God and underme the bd? Masturbati can never brg true satisfacti It is a solitary act It is self-stimulati self-gratificati self-abuse - it closes us with a dream world and separates us from genue relatiships When it becomes habitual (which it often does) it aggravates isolati and leless and it tensifies feelgs of futility and frustrati At its worst as a breach the bd of unity and love for which sex is created it is comparable to adultery I have counseled many young people who are enslaved by masturbati: they earnestly desire to be freed from their habit but they fall to it aga. 14 Excellent Book: Whole and Holy Sexuality," by Kraft William F PhD Wipf and Stock Publishers Eugene OR 1998 "Masturbati is a comm form of genital gratificati By age twenty-e most men have masturbated Women masturbate less; however the percentage gap between male and female masturbati is narrowg creasgly more people feel little or no compuncti about masturbatg This was not always.  christ--The ly Complete Realist Homosexuality: A Biblical Perspective Gil Rugh csiders the Old and New Testament views of homosexuality He shows that all aspects of God’s Word cludg His commandments ccerng homosexuality are eternal and unchangg They have not been misterpreted Furthermore Rugh shows through God’s Word the promise to everye of eternal salvati and freedom from s when trust is placed the pers and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. "i know about the despair of overcomg chric temptati It is not serious provided self-offended petulance annoyance at breakg records impatience etc d't get the upper hand No amount of falls will really undo us if we keep pickg ourselves up each time We shall be very muddy and tattered children by the time we reach home But the bathrooms are all ready the towels put out and clean clothes the airg cupboard The ly fatal thg is to lose e's temper and give it up It is when we notice the dirt that God is most present us; it is the very sign of his presence." Of course no hest pers can lay the blame for all of this at the door of the media or of some vague force society Certaly the media has cfused thousands of people and left them hardened But it is we - each e of us -whose souls are burdened by the s of our own lust whose s have fallen apart whose children have ge astray We cannot ignore our own misdeeds; we must take respsibility for our own actis for every stance where we have accepted the spirit of impurity and let evil to our own hearts We have mocked and twisted the image of God and separated ourselves from our creator We must learn to listen aga to the deepest cries of our hearts and repent and turn back. The "old days" (not very lg ago) many people were taught that masturbati is e of the worst ss It was suggested that masturbati was a cause of mental and physical illness even that surgical terventi could be a treatment for masturbati It seems masturbati evoked more guilt than dishesty or justice those days it was comm to overemphasize sexual ss Masturbati--even the mere thought of it--guaranteed a e-way ticket to hell Sexuality was treated as an "enemy" or as exclusively a means for procreati rather than a gift and opportunity from God for spiritual and psychological growth. It would seem that all forms of sexual activity even a where sexual expressi carries God's endorsement and approval carry the tat of origal s Portis of Leviticus are designed to protect agast sexually-transmitted diseases and much of Leviticus ctas the "holess codes" for sexual cduct which were imparted to mankd as part of the Law of Moses 3 A thorough discussi of masturbati and other topics of sexual morality is found the book Sexual Chaos by John Vertefeuille published by Crossway Books 1988 The author is college pastor of Faith Chapel La Mesa California 4 Dr John White's book Eros Redeemed (tervarsity Press 1993)--is excellent John White writes as follows (pp124-125), "jesus was cdemng those fantasies which we see ourselves possessg that which we are not allowed to have He is cdemng those fantasies which we manipulate people our mds ways that will appeal to and satisfy the lust of our imagati Whether it be a forbidden partner or a forbidden sexual practice we must be aware of the fact that the md is capable of endless perversis" (Ref. It is pla to see that masturbati is usually narcissistic Narcissus was the Greek youth who up seeg his reflecti a pool fell love with himself then fell to the pool and drowned other generatis masturbati was called self-abuse solo-sex self-love or self-gratificati The emphasis is "self," not e's relatiship with God or e's family We can surely say the "solo-sex" is not part of God's origal design for man which is for sexual expressi the ctext of love and commitment a Masturbati can never be fulfillg and satisfyg sce it is herently an complete act to which there is no respse or appropriate answer-back from a complementary partner Masturbati also tends to turn e's focus ward up eself leadg to shame sometimes excessive troversi often low self-esteem self- csciousness and detachment from normal social Masturbati is usually not the crucial issue of anye's Christian walk though self-csciousness probably makes it seem so to some God's loyal-love (hesed) is patiently committed to seeg to it that we become whole and fulfilled no matter how much extra grace we may thk we need Assumg that masturbati is deed a s for Christians e would expect to fd csequences for "whatever a man sows that he shall also reap" (Galatians 6:7) Some suggested csequences clude (a) creased self-csciousness (b) lowered self-esteem (c) depressi (d) reduced psychological and creative energy (e) lessened terest terpersal relatiships and of course (f) guilt shame with fear of beg found out Preoccupati with sexual fantasies tends to substituted imaged relatiships with real-life experiences with real perss The progressively addictive power of pornography is well known C.S Lewis ce wrote e his letters, 7 The Courage to be Chaste by Benedict J Groeschel Paulist Press New York 1985 is an exceptially fe book which I recommend highly (2/1/00) 8 Theology of the Body Christopher West (Excellent Roman Catholic Resources) Related Topics "but fornicati and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named amg you as is fittg amg sats Be sure of this that no fornicator or impure man or e who is covetous (that is an idolater) has any heritance the kgdom of Christ and of God Let no e deceive you with empty words for it is because of these thgs that the wrath of God comes up the ss of disobedience Take no part the unfruitful works of darkness but stead expose them For it is a shame even to speak of the thgs that they do secret; but when anythg is exposed by the light it becomes visible for anythg that becomes visible is light." (Eph 5:3-13) Those cases where masturbatg is used occasially to relieve what seem to be unbearable sexual pressures then elimatg fantasies is certaly e step the right directi Many Christian young people can not image Jesus Christ lovg them deeply enough to help them overcome the shame of their masturbati Thus masturbati is not an area of e's life where Jesus is welcome---it is usually private and secret Excludg Jesus from any area of our lives is of course risky sce we are then left darkness and bdage to s e form or another This is because "Anythg not based faith is s." Nothg we do even private is hidden from God The Psalmist says "Thou hast set our iquities before thee our secret ss the light of thy countenance." (Psalm 90:8) The most extreme stances the desperati brought by a secret life of impurity ends suicide This can ly be described as a rebelli agast God a statement that says "I'm beyd hope - my problems are too big - even for God to handle." Suicide denies that God's grace is greater than our weakness If we fd ourselves the abyss of despair the ly answer is to seek God and ask for his compassi and mercy Even when we fd ourselves at the end of our rope God wants to give us new hope and courage no matter how deeply we feel we have betrayed him God is always ready to forgive every s (1 John 1:9); we ly need to be humble enough to ask him When somee is tempted by thoughts of suicide the most important thg we can do is to show him love - to remd him that each of us was created by and for God and that each of us has a purpose to fulfill.  a Relevant Quote By C. People may struggle with masturbati right to the end of their lives I have counseled men their eighties who still have not found freedom from it The questi arises whether there is anythg e can do to be rid of this curse My advice to those enslaved to masturbati is to seek strength through prayer You will not cquer your addicti by will power ale Before you go to bed at night turn your thoughts to God and read somethg of an ner spiritual nature Even then the temptati to masturbate can arise When that happens fd somethg to take your md off it - get out of bed and take a walk or do some household chore often a simple activity provides the best means to overcome these strg temptatis. Sharg the secrets of e's defeats masturbati with a trusted Christian brother mentor or accountability group usually brgs a real sense of relief and helps the pers to be more objective about himself and his place the world All of us are sners and we are ly sners who have been justified by God and made--by grace--worthy members of the kgdom of God False guilt and self-cdemnati (especially "shame-based" dividuals) surely is more serious source of defeat for some people than their true moral guilt before God who is gracious and full of mercy "As a Father pities his children so the Lord pities those who fear him For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust." (Psalm 103:13 14) 1 earlier generatis some felt that an's s for which God ended his life was masturbati (see Genesis 38) an disobeyed God's Word and failed to hor his obligati to his family as is clear from the ctext Most all scholars today do not fault his coitus terruptus as the root of his s Journal Notes Temptati by Bruce (PDF) | Some Comments by Larry Hoppis 2 The Book of Leviticus provides many illustratis of the defilements that we all herited from Adam Leviticus 15:16-18 refers specifically to uncleanness resultg from an emissi. The followg are some lks to various articles and comments about. Yet majorities are frequently wrg and I refuse to follow this e Masturbati is not merely a habit of young people but ctues throughout active sexual life Some people ctue it to their eighties Significantly many people spite of assurances as to its nocence are deeply ashamed of it more ashamed than they would be of cfessg illicit sexual relatiships Some men virg before they married beg it after they have married I believe It is sful because our sexual parts were not designed for masturbati but for coitus with We are usg our bodies wrgly when we masturbate and for purposes they were not designed for While I lament the excessive guilt of past religious cdemnati I regret equally the present permissiveness Ctence would require ly an openness between parents and children God forgives absolutely Our problem is comg to him aga. My secd argument for callg masturbati s---closely related to the first argument---is that masturbati is a form of idolatry Our bodies are to be offered to God Masturbati is to make a god of my bodily sensatis of relief from the tensi that I feel Aga I know that married lovemakg can itself be a selfish pursuit of bodily sensati But I repeat: it was not designed to be At that pot it becomes lust. You say: So everythg becomes black and white Are there no shades of gray? Yes plenty of them But even the whitest shade of gray has some black it So if you should go to say "Well it really doesn't matter that much does it?" then I must sist that s always matters Our s brought about the death of Christ Just as speech was given to us order that we might communicate truths rather than lies or gossip so the sexual parts of our bodies were designed to copulate Remember copulati is far more than orgasmic experiences It was to be a sharg a sort of gateway to deeper sharg a never-endg mutual revelati of the depths of our souls Yet copulati can be entirely selfish a mere usg of somebody's body to gratify myself which is little different from masturbati. First let me show you that it is the duty of every head of the family and household to take care that not ly he himself but also that those committed to his charge must serve. Yet I know how some men and women struggle How bitter some people feel their va struggle agast it! Younger people young marrieds away from their spouses have a particularly difficult time I know a man whose problem began with Like all s masturbati must be dealt with compassiately and love I may be my sixties but I remember very clearly what it used to be like Those were dark days when I hated myself (I do not excuse my past actis even though lookg back I can expla them Nor did my release from the habit occur gradually dyg out as the need for it dimished It came by the Spirit's revelati.) Let us be compassiate with those who struggle." As a footnote (Chapter 5) his very latest (and excellent) book The Path of Holess: A Guide for Sners (IV Press Downers Grove Illois 1996) Dr John White. Even today many churches hold different views this important subject Some hold that baptism is a necessary part of salvati while others say baptism is a testimy that e has been saved Some churches practice sprklg while others emphasize immersi Some churches baptize fants while others ly baptize adult believers With all the cfusi this issue e may ask "Who is right and how do we know? "The lack of clarity this issue should drive us to the for the answers to these issues. Prayer and cfessi can free us from the burden of impurity No e can free himself from impurity or any other s his own strength Freedom comes through the attitude of ner poverty through ctually turng to God The struggle agast temptati is everye and will always be there but through prayer and cfessi s can be overcome Whenever we let down our guard the struggle for purity - whenever we allow passi and lust to overcome us - we are danger of throwg ourselves completely away Then we will not be able to drive away the evil spirits we have allowed to enter and the terventi of Christ himself will be needed to brg freedom Without this there will be ly deepeng hopelessness and despair. See Porn Flakes: Kellogg Graham and the Crusade for Moral Fiber (Disclaimer: I do NOT agree with Dr Kellogg and his school of thought This lk is for formati purposes ly.) William Act a late century proment physician wrote: "There is now Pennsylvania---it seems unnecessary to name the place---a man thirty-five years old with the firmities of 'three score and ten.' Yet his premature old age his bendg and totterg form wrkled face and hoary head might be traced to solitary and social licentiousness." Many doctors of that time taught that masturbati led to sanity dark rgs under the eyes and other terrible maladies Guilt and fear were stilled young people from an. The Knowledge Commentary (Victor Books 1985) F Duane Ldsey comments the above passage from Leviticus as follows: "The secd case pertag to males was the periodic discharge of an emissi of semen whether possibly a nocturnal emissi or e durg tercourse For this case no sacrifice [for s] was required and the uncleanness was resolved by a simple wash-and-wait (till eveng) It is noteworthy that while the normal sexual process between husband and wife made both partners ceremially unclean---no guilt was volved and so no sacrifice was required." (Commentary Leviticus. The fall of man the Garden of Eden was a fall to self-centeredness Our fallen natures are today often fected with lust and covetousness and envy Our mds are easily programmed by TV movies and even school textbooks---all of which now bombard us with sensual images and antichristian values from the cradle to. Although the Old Testament records the sexual failures of a number of men and women there are n-sexual ss that are more serious the eyes of God though they usually get less attenti than sexual failures (see for example Proverbs 6:16-19) For stance Jesus was merciful and compassiate towards a woman caught the act of adultery but he was scathg his devastatg rebukes of the arrogant self-righteousness of the Pharisees

A pers who struggles with masturbati is often too ashamed to talk about it with anye Yet it is important to realize that because shameful acts work secrecy their power can ly be broken when they are brought to light Certaly sharg e's burdens and ner feelgs with a mentor or pastor can be paful but this is the ly recourse for anye who wants to become. To understand the dynamics of masturbati it is important to look at the life of e who masturbates The act should be seen light of a total process e element of this ctext is age For example adolescents usually feel more strgly than children and adults the urgency and cfusi of new genital desires Also they experience peer and cultural pressure to satisfy them An adult who has repressed his or her genital feelgs may masturbate for reass like those of an adolescent: urgency novelty pleasure curiosity envirmental pressure. From a wholistic perspective I persally support neither the new nor the old positi I ctend that masturbati is seldom unhealthy and of itself Unlike many professials however I do not believe masturbati should be recommended Psychologically masturbati is neither a e-way ticket to hell or to heaven Masturbati is an earthly matter neither unhealthy nor healthy It is a cvential way of reducg tensi evokg pleasure and acquirg a degree of normal matenance. Tensity of volvement is significant also The amount of time as well as quantity and quality of self-vestment determe the impact masturbati has e's life Somee who masturbates daily for an hour with tense fantasy as the primary source of timacy will differ significantly from a pers who masturbates frequently and has healthy experiences of timacy Masturbati is particularly seductive because it is an easy and accessible way to reduce tensi and to explore genital feelgs and fantasies without terpersal vulnerability respsibility and accountability It seems we have a license to masturbate almost whenever we feel like it We need not worry about other people or social csequences; it can be kept. And from these words I will sist these three thgs: I First That it is the duty of every head of a family and household to take care that not ly he himself but also that those committed to his charge “serve the Lord.” II Secdly I will endeavor to show “how” the head of the family and his household ought to serve the Lord And III Thirdly I will offer some reass order to stimulate all family leaders with their respective households to serve the Lord the manner that will be recommended The Gospel Accordg to Hybels and Warren The Purpose Driven Church (a critique) Paul expresses the same end for our bodies He ccludes "So glorify God your body" (1 Cor 6:20 RSV) The argument I have been usg from chapter three ward ccerns the offerg of our bodies to God as an act of worship the NIV versi of Romans 6 Paul even mentis the parts of our bodies sayg "Do not offer the parts of your body to s as struments of wickedness offer the parts of your body to him [God] as struments of righteousness For s shall not be your master" (Rom 6:13- 14) My body was not designed to masturbate My body was designed to be used exclusively to glorify God To use it any other way is to rob God of somethg that is his by right for there are no morally neutral actis. Circumcisi Ancient Egypt (6th Dynasty) This ancient ceremy stituted between God and Abraham as a sign of their covenant symbolizes the csecrati of e's sexuality and e's life to God (Genesis 17) the New Testament circumcisi is accomplished the ner man "by puttg off the body of flesh the circumcisi of Christ," accordg to Colossians 2) The health benefits of male circumcisi are debated today but this issue is not a relevant Biblical issue any lger under the terms of the New Covenant "if then you have been raised with Christ seek the thgs that are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God Set your mds thgs that are above not thgs that are earth For you have died and your life is hid with Christ God When Christ who is our life appears then you also will appear with him glory Put to death therefore what is earthly you: fornicati impurity passi evil desire and covetousness which is idolatry account of these the wrath of God is comg." (Col 3:1-6) A child can acquire a healthy attitude to his body and to sex quite naturally simply by beg taught that his body as the temple of the Spirit is holy and that any defilement of it is s I will never forget the deep impressi it made me as a young teen when my father took me for a walk with him and told me about the struggle for a pure life and the importance of keepg myself pure for the woman I might fd and marry some day He said to me "if you are able to live a pure life now it will be easier for the rest of your life But if you give now to persal impurity it will become harder and harder to withstand temptati even ce. God did not design sex to be a solitary experience It is supposed to be shared with another and ly Sexuality is tended to be part of the complementary teracti of self-givg love between a man and a woman who are committed to e another for life (See 1 Cor 7:4 where the states that husband and wife are to give up the right to their own bodies to e another ) With the dynamic terplay between opposites can brg healg and wholeness for both the man and his wife Sexual expressi any other ctext is destructive to wholeness The certaly shows that God is not agast pleasure He wants us to say "no" to thgs that. I am fully aware that few Christians nowadays regard masturbati as sful If some ss are worse than others as I believe from Scripture then sexual s general and masturbati particular would be relatively unimportant Masturbati never used to be talked about Pastors rarely menti it But durg the last forty years or so durg which time psychology psychiatry and various forms of Christian counselg have got to the act of givg "expert" opis the subject it has become an understandable and relatively respectable activity especially for young people My opi is at present a mority opi. 16 Excerpt from the book A Plea for Purity: The desecrati of love is e of the greatest tragedies of our time creasgly love is understood as nothg more than selfish desire and the satisfacti of this desire is seen as fulfillment People talk about sexual liberati but rema trapped bdage to their sexual desires; they talk about true love but live self-absorbed estrangement Our age is a loveless age: relatiships and hearts are broken everywhere millis of human lives are discarded almost before they have begun thousands of children are abused or abanded and fear and mistrust abound even supposedly healthy s Love has been reduced to base sex Because of this it is nothg more than a delusi for many - short-lived timacy followed by gnawg emptess and anguish. 12 Dr Grant Mart's book When Good Thgs Become Addictis: Gag Freedom from our Compulsis Victor Books Wheat Illois,1990 is very good and will be helpful. To be more objective the is clear that sexual activity is always wrg outside of Yet today's society promotes encourages and teaches young people to explore their sexuality and to become sexually active early adolescence Biblical values have been overwhelmed and cast aside most all schools today with the result that a whole generati has becomg openly pagan and promiscuous This tragic terrible state of affairs is associated with a breakdown family ties and widespread divorce It is therefore very difficult for Christian men and women who are not yet married to stay clear of sexual experimentati pornography and peer pressure to get volved. Claims that all forms of sexual expressi are normal healthy natural and desirable may be fraudulent and false but they are widely accepted today this envirment modesty chastity purity and celibacy are virtually never discussed---yet they are paramount values a Biblical view of godless and spirituality The fact that masturbati is "encouraged" as normal and healthy by a majority of educators and secular leaders today defitely does not mean that the majority viewpot is the correct e---the opposite is more likely to be true overcomg the excessively hibited sexual mores of an early generati the sexual revoluti has obviously ge completely over board the directi of total moral looseness unrestraed hedism and unbelievable promiscuity Billy Graham's wife Ruth Bell Graham has well said "If God doesn't judge America for her immorality he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." Thirty years have passed sce the begng of the sexual revoluti and its devastatg aftermath should be obvious to anye: widespread promiscuity; risg rates of teen pregnancy and suicide; tens of millis of abortis; the spread of sexually transmitted diseases; the erosi of the family and home life; and the rise of a violent new generati "We have sown the wd and reap the whirlwd" (Hosea 8:7) Our time grossly overestimates the importance of sex Whether book stands cvenience stores or at supermarket counters its significance is exaggerated a thoroughly unhealthy way Love between man and woman is no lger regarded as sacred or noble; it has become a commodity seen ly an animal sense as an unctrollable impulse that must be satisfied. My first argument then for callg masturbati s is what could be called the argument of design My body is me ly the sense that I am respsible for its proper use I am its steward For what was my body designed? The Westmster Cfessi asks a similar if not identical questi "What is the chief end of man?" The answer the authors give is "Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever." Many people claim that pornography should not be crimalized because it is "victimless." Yet anythg that encourages impurity even the form of solitary sexual arousal is a crime because it degrades the human body which was created God's image as a temple of the soul (1 Corthians 6: 19) The so-called les typically drawn between pornography masturbati e-night stands and prostituti are actually an illusi All of them are means used to atta sexual satisfacti without the "burden" of commitment All reduce the mystery of sex to a technique for satisfyg lust And all of them are shameful - the secrecy of those who dulge them betrays that fact more clearly than anythg else (Romans 13:12-13). A number of passages the New Testament are applicable to growg out of and overcomg masturbati as we seek sgle sightedness with purity of heart and motive followg Jesus the Lord "Do not yield your members to s as struments of wickedness but yield yourselves to God as men who have been brought from death to life and your members to God as struments of righteousness." (Rom 6:13) " make straight paths for your feet so that what is lame may not be put out of jot but rather be healed Strive for peace with all men and for the holess without which no e will see the Lord." ( :13,14) General much of what is taught today the name of sex educati is a horror and as Christians we must protest agast it It is often little more than the formalized trag of irreverence impurity and rebelli agast the plan of God True educati for the sexual life takes place best between parent and child an envirment of reverence and trust To educate anye about sex through anymous images and impersal formati will ly awaken the sexual impulse of a child prematurely and his md separate sex from love and commitment Obviously we should not be afraid to talk freely with our own children about sexual matters especially as they approach adolescence Otherwise they will learn about these thgs first from their peers and rarely a reverent atmosphere All the same there is a danger givg a child too many biological facts about sex Often a factual approach to sex robs it of its dive mystery. By Lambert Dolph   "life is ctually cfirmg this great fundamental fact which the Scriptures set before us---that there is somethg wrg with nature So all that God is dog here when he says that the act of sex results an uncleanness until eveng is simply remdg us that man is a fallen creature and that he must deal with that problem realistically He can't avoid it There is no way that he can elimate it himself God must handle it and God has handled it There is ly e way it can be handled---the redemptive terventi of God---and if it isn't handled that way there is no escape from the defilement and the destructi of humanity which will follow So God remds us that even the act of sex which results ccepti there is a fallen nature volved." (Ray C Stedman The Trouble with Nature from Commentary Leviticus). Sce scripture does not specifically name masturbati as a s some claim masturbati is evidently not critically important as compared say to fornicati This argument is not cclusive sce the word "fornicati" (porneia) is a broad word the New Testament actually encompassg all forms of sexual immorality Youth pastors also know from counselg experience that masturbati is often a huge source of guilt and anxiety for many Christian young men Therefore they feel the problem is best dealt with by reassurance of God's grace and forgiveness and by focusg spiritual growth to the end that the dividual moves to spiritual and emotial maturity leavg masturbati behd as a symptom of spiritual immaturity. Sociologically masturbati is "normal" that most people at some time their lives practice it more or less It falls with the parameters of "normal" and often expected behavior Psychologically masturbati can be csidered "normal" because it can temporarily reduce tensi that may make life easier immediately (though not better) and help e to cope the short run Nevertheless although masturbati can be csidered "normal" this sense I ctend it is not healthy because it impedes spiritual growth Parents who want to protect their children from impurity should remember that the disciple of work - whether through chores exercise or through other activities - is e of the best safeguards Children who have been taught to stick to a task and see it through will be better equipped to deal with sexual temptatis than children who have been pampered and catered to. Frequency and tensity are also important factors Masturbatg ce a mth differs from dog it ce a day terms of psychosocial and spiritual impact Compulsive masturbati volves a significant part of e's life ctrast some people generally absta from masturbati but periodically "act-out" for a relatively short time Others follow a cyclic pattern: they allow tensi to build up periodically relieve it and wait for is to crease aga Here's e adolescent's reflecti masturbati: "I'm not real guilty about it but I'm not proud of it either Most of the guys do it at some time or another There are some guys who d't masturbate so I guess it can be de I masturbate when I'm especially horny or when I'm bored and have a lot of time It relieves the tensi but I have to admit that the tensi always returns Masturbatg doesn't seem to get. Church Disciple: An Evidence of Christian Love Pastor Gil Rugh looks at the issue of disciple the Church and addresses the followg questis: This issue of tegratg psychology with the is e that all Christians must face sce it ccerns the nature of man and the sufficiency of Scripture Pastor Rugh exames the use of psychology the Church and challenges believers to return to the Word of God all matters ccerng life and godless. 8 A Morm view: Steps Overcomg Masturbati (Anymous author but attributed to Mark E Petersen) is terestg I have added editorial comments to this paper highlightg a number of theological errors this approach The article may netheless offer helpful poters for some 9 The Roman Catholic Positi: